Automotive Resources Inc.

Automotive Resources Inc. wanted a website to showcase their Hetra line of Heavy Duty Mobile Lifting Equipment. The website had to reflect the quality of the product line and be visually engaging.

Drawing on the colours found in ARI's corporate identity and the equipment we designed a vibrant website. The site comes in an HTML and Flash version.

Using Macromedia Flash we created two special features for the site: the Product Explorer and the Virtual Demonstration. The Product Explorer lets the visitor view the equipment from different angles, zoom in on specific features, and download spec sheets.

The Virtual Demonstration shows off the ARI-Hetra line's versatility. Visitors can select from a variety of vehicles and drag and drop them on to the system. Then they can raise and lower the system using a photorealistic remote.

A customer who had never heard of ARI, found the site and thought it was "the coolest thing ever". He immediately called the 800 number and set up an appointment with a sales rep. The next day he bought two systems. In the first six months after launch the sales directly attributable to the site achieved a 900% return on investment.