Web design is challenging, exhilarating, and bedeviling. Imagine designing a brochure where each printed copy has different paper sizes, colours, and typefaces. Now make sure that brochure looks the same to every one that views it. That's web design in a nutshell.

Our strength is making sure your identity and communication needs are fused in a design that matches your audience's technical demographic. Our years of experience with a variety of clients enable us to create the perfect marriage of form and function, resulting in visually appealing and user-friendly websites.

While we use cutting edge tools and techniques, software doesn't design your site, we do. A copy of Frontpage does not make someone a web designer, and our in-depth knowledge and experience sets us apart.

Our time-tested design process is the backbone of every project. Each project is unique, yet the process applies to all.

  • Discovery - The project's needs and requirements are explored. A technical demographic for your audience is developed.
  • Design - Mockups of various visual designs are created. Selections made from the mockups lead to HTML coded prototypes. Stylesheets and style guides are developed.
  • Construction - HTML templates are created. Code and content are fused to create the final pages.
  • Testing - The website is tested to ensure maximum performance using a variety of platforms, browsers, resolutions, and colour depths.